We Must Lead Now!

Youth are often referred to as the leaders of tomorrow, but the reality is they are leading now. As a youth volunteer, you can serve others in several different ways:

  • Participate in our Summer Volunteer Program and work in a hospital, library, child enrichment program or with other human service agencies.
  • Join the Red Cross Youth Board and plan service projects and training opportunities in the community.
  • Teach your peers and younger students about basic first aid, water safety, and disaster preparedness.
  • American Red Cross Leadership Training allows students to put their leadership skills into action and build confidence in their abilities.

Start Making a Difference!

Youth volunteers receive life-saving training in First Aid and CPR, Disaster Services and HIV/AIDS prevention. Youth volunteers may also take advantage of numerous leadership classes including Presentation Skills, Putting Your Best Foot Forward, Team Building and Cultural Diversity.

Summer Program
The American Red Cross of Augusta offers many volunteer opportunities for middle and high school students. Through the Summer Volunteer Program, students work at the Red Cross office, in hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and community centers. They meet new people, learn new skills, find new challenges and improve our community! Register Here

Youth Board
Red Cross also has a group of volunteers who do service projects throughout the community. Youth Board members do leadership training for younger kids, hold parties for the Gracewood State School and nursing homes, work with children in foster care and many other things which make our community a better place! Youth Board members are selected each year, at the beginning of the year.

How Can I Volunteer for the Red Cross?

Complete an application and return it to the Red Cross office.

Interview with the youth Services Coordinator.

Attend a basic training session at the Red Cross office!
(usually the first week after school is out)

There are many different types of volunteer assignments. We work hard to place the volunteer in a setting where he or she will be comfortable and productive. These opportunities and assignments will be discussed during the volunteer interview. Thank you for your interest!

Since the founding of the Junior Red Cross in 1917, youth and the Red Cross have been partners. Today, the involvement of young people with the Red Cross is more important than ever. Our goal is to provide young people with meaningful opportunities for education, training, and volunteer/community service so that they remain a part of the Red Cross family throughout their lives. Young people up to age 24 make up 40 percent of all Red Cross volunteers.

Other Youth Opportunities
Young people are involved in other areas of the American Red Cross. There are opportunities that are related to school and college and Internships, as well as openings in Leadership Development and Community Services.

  • School-Related Activities
    Fund raising, organizing blood drives, providing international assistance, and learning about such things as disaster preparedness and HIV/AIDS prevention and education.

  • Leadership Development
    Participating in clubs, councils, and local boards as well as in leadership development camps or centers and on national Red Cross advisory and policy-making groups.

Community Services
Community activities can include cleaning up streets, planting trees, and organizing food drives. Young people also serve as mentors to peers and younger youth on substance abuse prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, environmental awareness, violence prevention, and other major youth issues. To read more visit Youth In The News.

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