The American Red Cross responds on a daily basis to disaster situations that affect families throughout our eleven county service delivery area (Cluster II).

The most common single-family disaster involves fires, however; disasters come in many forms. The American Red Cross defines disasters as:

"An occurrence such as hurricane, tornado, storm, flood, high water, wind-driven water, tidal wave, earthquake, drought, blizzard, pestilence, famine, fire, explosion, volcanic eruption, building collapse, transportation wreck, or other situation that causes human suffering or creates human needs that the victims cannot alleviate without assistance."

Last year the American Red Cross of Augusta assisted over 200 families who had lost or received damage to their homes due to fires, floods, tornado's and other disasters. The type of assistance depends upon each individual situation and is dealt with personally on a case-by-case basis. The American Red Cross provides a helping hand to guide each individual or family needing assistance through the recovery process so that they may return to a normal life as quickly as possible.

In addition, we are here to guide disaster victims and help them obtain and use community and government resources to assist in the recovery process. We also address disaster-caused physical and mental health needs.

All Red Cross disaster assistance is an outright grant. It is made possible through the generous voluntary contributions by the American people of time, materials, and money. Assistance is based on disaster-caused needs a family cannot meet because of lack of resources. No repayment or reimbursement for any assistance provided is sought or accepted from disaster victims.

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