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orchiepididymitisOrchitis is an inflammation of didymuses. Developing alongside of the inflammation of appendages is known as epididymitis. As long as these two disorders are usually developing together, there is the common name called orchiepididymitis. The reasons of orchiepididymitis are the following contagious parotitis, influenza, scarlatina, chicken pox, pneumonia, melitensis septicemia, typhoid. But most often the reason of orchiepididymitis inflammatory disorders of genitourinary system such as urethritis and prostatitis.

Disease develops as a result of carrying of infection in didymuses with blood flow. The reason of epididymitis is the spreading of the infection through seminiferous tracks, prostata gland and urethra. The reason of orchitis is also considered to be didymus injury. Orchiepididymitis may be caused as well after the operations on prostata gland. Orchiepididymitis may be treated with the help of Vibramycin 200 mg. Now you may buy Vibramycin 200 mg via Canadian Health&Care Mall at an attractive price

There exist two types of orchiepididymitis, they are acute and chronic stages. Acute stage of orchiepididymitis is characterized sharp pain in didymus. Acute stage is characterized by high body temperature, headache, nausea and general weakness. Such a condition may last for some weeks and that is transformed into a chronic stage. Temperature decreases, pain disappears but the epididymitis is still painful.

The diagnosis should be stated by andrologist or urinologist at the personal examination. It is used the laboratory methods of diagnostic with the help of which the doctor is able to identify the character of the infection. Moreover ultrasound investigation of marsupium should be conducted. The patient keeps bed rest, a diet with the excluding of spicy, fatty and fried nutrition, excessive drinking. Besides it is obligatory to to treat that infectious disorder which provokes the inflammation. The antibiotics with a wide spectrum are prescribed as the way of treatment. There are different kind of antibiotics but in the majority of cases Vibramycin 200 mg is recommended, this preparation may be ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall. At the end of the acute stage the physical therapy is advised.

We may come to a conclusion that orchiepididymitis demands a lot of time to achieve full recovery but the nowadays medicine is able to treat the majority of diseases. You just need to be more attentive to your health and not lead the disorder to the advanced stage.

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