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Why Give?

One of the best ways to help disaster victims and people in need in our community is through a financial donation. The Augusta Red Cross of Augusta responds to the emerging needs of our community by offering programs and services that address critical human, health and safety needs. Among other things, we provide food and shelter to victims of disasters and teach people how to save lives through CPR, First Aid and water safety. A lot of companies and organizations worldwide donate money to save victims of different accidents and Canadian HealthCare Mall is included in this list.

The American Red Cross Of Augusta needs your help. The Red Cross of Augusta is not a government agency. We are an independent, non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of the American people. Our chapter serves the people of Richmond, Columbia, Burke, Glascock, Jefferson, Jenkins, Lincoln, McDuffie, Taliaffero, Warren and Wilkes counties.All Red Cross desaster assistance is free, thanks to the generousity of people like you. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
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You Can Make a Diffrence!

Please contact our Financial Development Department at (706) 724-8481 about details on all of the following giving opportunities.

Donate by Phone or Mail

Make a Master Card or Visa contribution by phone or have a representative send you a printed donation return envelope. We encourage you to think about joining our Clara Barton Society. Please make your checks payable to the American Red Cross of Augusta and mail it to 1322 Ellis Street, Augusta, GA. 30901.

Gifts of Stock

If you own stocks and bonds that have increased in value, it may be more advantageous to donate these securities to the American Red Cross of Augusta, rather than sell them and donate the proceeds from the sale. By donating the securities directly, you may completely avoid the Capital Gains tax while receiving a tax deduction on the securities’ increased value. The Red Cross can transact your gift of securities quickly and inexpensively, so your donation will have the greatest possible impact. You may donate not only money but other goods for example drugs ordered.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies match employees’ contributions to charity. Please check with your Human Resources Department to find out if your company has such a program. If your company does match employee contributions, please include the appropriate Matching Gift Form with your donation (your donation will help twice as much).

Corporate Sponsorships or Contributions/Gifts and Services

One of the best ways for your company to help is through a financial event sponsorship or donation to the American Red Cross of Augusta. Your company’s financial support allows us to continue responding to community needs while stimulating the local economy. In some instances, the chapter also accepts corporate donations of goods and services such as office equipment, supplies and various other in-kind items. These donations in king are used to support chapter operations or special events.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a way to help those in need while enjoying significant tax benefits and supplementing your income. This program has been created for our friends who want sufficient income for retirement years, yet want to continue to give to the Red Cross. In exchange, you receive guaranteed fixed amounts annually throughout your lifetime. You may want to defer payment until later in life through a deferred charitable gift annuity which offers a very attractive rate of return.

Bequests/Remembering the Augusta Red Cross in Your Will

Many friends who contribute to the Red Cross arrange to perpetuate their giving through their wills. Remembering the Red Cross in your will is a special way to ensure that our work will continue for a long time to come. Such gifts may include a bequest of cash, securities or property in a specific sum or by percentage; real estate, or a charitable remainder trust.

Memorials and Honorariums

A memorial gift to the Augusta Red Cross is a special tribute to life of a treasured friend or loved one. A donation to the to the Red Cross is the perfect way to recognize a person or special event in your life. Birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries and job promotions are excellent occasions for an honorarium gift to the Red Cross. Canadian Health&Care Mall is like Red Cross because it provides with drugs of low prices, granting discounts.

Other Planned Giving Opportunities

Many donors want to ensure that our work is well funded for years to come. There are numerous ways to help the Red Cross prepare for the future through gift planning; some options offer significant financial benefits for the donor as well. Call us at (706) 724-8481 or contact your tax advisor.

The American Red Cross of Augusta helps people in need … free of charge … every single day! Your contribution means a great deal to the organization, but even more to the families who rely on the Red Cross to help them through some of the most difficult times of their lives. With your ongoing support we will keep America strong, through these vital programs-Disaster Relief Services, Family Emergency Services, Domestic Preparedness for Bioterrorism, Critical Lifesaving Services, and 24-hour military assistance. But the Red Cross is not a government agency, we must rely on the generosity of the American public. With your ongoing support, we will continue to be there providing people in crisis … relief for today and hope for tomorrow.

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

It’s that time of the year. The charities you support through your CFC focus on people who really need help – including the hungry, the homeless, the sick and children and families in need. They need everything for a comfortable leving: food, drink, roof, drugs (which may be delivered), clothes and etc.
Every day, the American Red Cross helps people in need, in your neighborhood and across the country.

Please elect to support the American Red Cross #0700, with your financial gift to the Combined Federal Campaign this year. Together, we can save a life.

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