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The best job you never got paid to do! Sign up for our free disaster training and become a member of our disaster teams. There are tasks for everyone, whatever your skills or interests. Contact us for information:

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Disaster Services Human Resources System (DSHR)

If you'd like to travel to exotic places and do interesting work - We train you and pay your expenses - You need Intro to Disaster Services, Standard First Aid and at least one functional course, like Damage Assessment to sign up. The experience you gain on large disaster operations will help us on our local jobs! If you can't travel, you can limit your enrollment to local or state operations only.

Disaster Services Events Calendar
Check out the latest calendar! We need volunteers to be trained in all functional areas of disaster response. We also need volunteers interested in becoming disaster instructors.

Call 724-8481 to pre-register, or to ask for more information!

Volunteers Provide Immediate Response
On December 8, 2000 the Augusta Chapter of the American Red Cross launched a new program that will provide disaster relief immediately when "Help Canít Wait!" Through the cooperative efforts of disaster volunteers and the various fire departments throughout the area the Disaster Action Team (DAT) program has become a reality.

This is how the procedure works: Trained Volunteers take turns being "on-call" to respond to such disasters as a single- family fire. An Incident Commander, who is a representative of the fire department, will assess the need for help on the scene. If the victim(s) need Red Cross help, but not immediately, they will be provided information on how to get in touch with family service workers. In the event the family does need help right away, the Incident Commander will page the Red Cross and disaster workers will be dispatched to help on site.

Some functions the Red Cross will provide on the scene are feeding, health assessments, shelter (fire victims may need a hotel room for the night), vouchers for clothing, medications, etc.

The Disaster Action Teams will be led by an highly trained and experienced Red Cross Volunteer who will be given the title of "D.A.T. Captain". The D.A.T. Captain will determine how many of his or her team members are needed to respond to the disaster and whether they need additional assistance. The Augusta Chapter will assign more people to the operation if needed.

Those interested in volunteering for the DAT team may call (706) 724-8481 to sign up and schedule their required training.

Red Cross Language Bank is On-Call 24 Hours a Day

Volunteers Interprets or Translates in Times of Emergencies
"A Su Servicio" - "Hizmetinizdeyis" - "Mach Mit" - "A Votre Service" - ""Aap Ki Khidmat ke Lia" - "Tot Uw Dienst" - "At Your Service."

The Augusta Red Cross is seeking to identify volunteers who can either interpret or translate a foreign language into English or who possess special skills such as sign language. These special volunteers would be entered into a language database and would be willing to be called when their skills are needed in an emergency.

Some frequent requests are for individual's needing medical care, families who have lost their home to fire, people seeking shelter from a life threatening storm, or helping to locate a U.S. Armed Forces Service member in the event of family emergency.

The Red Cross also has need of volunteers who will provide sign language for those who cannot speak for themselves and are in need of immediate help.

The American Red Cross is always seeking more volunteers to join the Language Bank in order to help their community in times of need. To lend a hand and a voice, call (706) 724-8481.