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Allergy for dustDust is a combination of different microscopic particles. It may contain particles of human epithelium, pet’s fur, slices of food, pollen, textile fibers of bed-clothing or clothes and others.

Allergy for dust manifests differently but its symptoms are unpleasant and noticeable. The main symptoms are rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma.

Probably, symptoms of allergy for dust are known almost to everyone. The most widespread symptom is allergic rhinitis which was called “pollen allergy” earlier. This is not especially serious illness, however it is capable to spoil life fairly. Sneezing, transparent nose allocations, itch and feeling of burning in nasopharynx, headache, lacrimation are all this symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It begins with an easy tickling in nose and develops into continuous painful sneezing. Over time allergic rhinitis can develop into asthma. Almost any allergen – animals fur, mold, even can cause some foodstuff. But dust is the most provocative agent of allergy. At contact with allergen reaction can be instant. But it may be slowed down as well. Such reaction is usually shown at continuous contact with allergen. You can get into the dusty storeroom and not feel any unpleasant feelings. And in some hours already to suffer from rhinitis, without understanding that caused it. Canadian Health Care Mall is ready to ship for you drugs for any budget and taste. This pharmaceutical company satisfies people’s needs by its prices and well-qualified drugs.

Other common symptom of allergy for dust is conjunctivitis. Fifteen per cent of all population at least once faced this problem. This state is characterized by reddening of protide, burning sensation and eye pruritus. Eyelids swell and redden, and eyes continuously water. In certain cases sight suffers, objects look “indistinct”. Conjunctivitis is taken especially hard by those who carries contact lenses. At worst conjunctivitis can end with severe cornea defeat.

Rhinitis and conjunctivitis are the extremely unpleasant diseases considerably worsening health and quality of life. However bronchial asthma is more dangerous. Allergic asthma is the most widespread form. And, as doctors note, the amount of patients increases rapidly. As soon as allergen gets to airways, the immune system begins fight against a newcomer. Muscles of airways are sharply reduced. And airways inflame and filled with dense slime. The attack of allergic asthma begins with painful dry cough. Breath becomes speeded up, complicated and “whistling”. There is dyspnea and feeling of weight in breast. Quite often the attack is followed by panic. Asthma is very dangerous, especially for small children. In the most hard cases the lethal outcome is possible even. Very often asthma is taken for bronchitis and appoint inefficient treatment. Allergic asthma as any other kind of asthma should be treated immediately and Canadian HealthCare Mall helps you to overcome this disorder.

If all these symptoms are most strongly observed at night or in the morning, and outdoors practically vanish, so the reason of an indisposition is covered in house dust. The allergologist can appoint treatment. But it won’t give effect if you do not to fight against the disease prime cause – house dust. And it is very difficult to cope with it. Ordinary vacuum cleaners as it was already told, don’t bring noticeable benefit instead they only visually do the house purer, cleaning visible dust. But their filters aren’t capable to detain allergens. Moreover – the bag dust collector becomes a nursery of allergens – the quantity of saprofit and dispute of harmful fungus in it simply reads off scale. Daily damp cleaning, in an ideal – by means of the good washing vacuum cleaner with the NERA-filter developed especially for fight against allergens is necessary for fight against an allergy to dust. The allergy is very artful. It is not a congenital disease, it can be shown at any age. Change of lifestyle, stress, illness all these weaken immunity and can become the reason of that the person who never had “hay fever” will turn into the allergic person. If the allergy already spoils your life, it is necessary to address to the doctor, only he will be able to make the correct diagnosis and to appoint adequate treatment. Everything that possible is to make independently – to try to make the house rather pure and to keep health to itself and the relatives.

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